What is Physie?

Physie and dance (or physical culture) is a uniquely Australian style of dance that incorporates many different genres of dance into professionally choreographed routines. 

The APDA syllabus has a strong focus on teaching correct dance technique across many styles of dance and the variety in the routines means that students never get bored. All routines in the APDA syllabus are choreographed by professional and qualified choreographers ensuring the safety and enjoyment of participants at every age and level.

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Routines are set to modern, age appropriate music and are structured as follows:

Marching - teaches beat recognition and forms the basis of the physie and dance posture

Warm Up - a jazz based routine that is high energy

Technique - designed to show control and poise, technique is a basic ballet routine

Strength / Contemporary - this routine encompasses many balance, stength and control moves while also executing correct technique such as turn our

Lyrical - a beautiful flowing routine based on ballet and lyrical movements

Stretch - stretch is done down on the floor and focuses on flexibility, core engagement and strength

Dance - the dance is the favourite of many and is jazz based. The dance is a real performance piece with high kicks, jumps, leaps and turns. 

With so many different styles of dance in the one class, students learn how to move to different beats and tempo and to develop musicality and performance skills while getting fit and healthy. The great thing about physie is that across the 7 routines we teach, students are learning difference dance genres making them trually versatile dancers. 

Who can join?

Physie and dance is a fantastic activity for girls and women aged from 3 years. At Gungahlin Physie & Dance we offer classes from 3 years right through to women of any age and ability. Absolutely no previous dance experience is required to join physie. All routines are age appropriate and are aimed at developing the dancing ability and fitness of all participants even if they have never danced before or are lacking fitness and strength. 

The number one focus in our classes is having fun while learning great routines and increasing fitness. Physie and dance also provides participants with the opportunity to enter competitions as an individual or in a team. Competitions are not compulsory but are definitely a lot of fun!

APDA provides our teachers with a brand new syllabus of routines and music each year so all students, whether they have done physie before or not, start from the same footing each and every year. We cover all the basics of correct dance technique as we are learning the syllabus even with our most experienced students and also incorporate games into the junior classes to enhance learning and skills.

Physie is an activity you can do for life. Each teacher at Gungahlin Physie & Dance has been involved with physie for over 20 years and strongly promote the lifelong benefits participation in physie can bring to every girl and lady who gives it a go. APDA has girls from 3 years of age right through to ladies up to 70 involved in classes and competitions each and every year. 

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What is involved in a typical Physie class?

All classes at every age start with a warm up to get the blood pumping and muscles awake and ready.

In the 3-4 year olds class, we will teach the girls some basic dance routines (some that they will already know) as we focus on getting them moving and listening to the beat of the music and fine tuning coordination and gross motor skills. The girls will start to learn basic physie positions and dance technique however the focus is on movement and we play games and use props to enhance their learning and understanding of dance. 

In the junior age groups (5 - 15 years), classes focus on learning the APDA syllabus which consists of seven routines, all of a different dance style, while building students confidence in moving to the music and employing correct dance technique. Learning the APDA syllabus requires development of good fitness, strength, balance and control and we have lots of techniques to help all students to advance their skills. Stretching to develop and increase basic flexibility is also a focus.



Ladies Classes

Our ladies classes cater for everyone from absolute beginners to the experienced physie girl. We have a great group of women of all ages in each class, some who have never danced in their life, some who have not done physie in over 40 years and some who just come along for the fitness and social side of physie. 


We run a dedicated beginner / novice ladies class that is tailored to the fitness level and experience of the participants so if you have two left feet, don't let that put you off! You will be amazed at what you can achieve in one year of physie. 

Many ladies who have joined our classes are amazed at the work out they get. Physie is great cardio exercise and in addition, just getting the physie posture correct is fantastic for core strength.  

In addition to the exercise benefits of joining our ladies class, we also are a social bunch and organise dinners and nights out during the year. And for those keen ladies, there is always the opportunity for a weekend away from the kids and family with the ladies for teams competitions! 

Most importantly, NO LEOTARDS are required for class! Just come along in something that is comfortable and that you can move in. 

Ladies Team



Physie is unique in that it offers both individual and team based competitions so you receive the benefits of both styles of competition all in the one dance sport. While competitions are not compulsory, we encourage all members from 5 years and ladies to give it a go. You will be amazed at how much confidence girls and ladies gain from entering competitions.


Individual competitions are a fantastic way to help your child set a goal for them to work towards and to build their confidence through performing in front of an audience. The joy in a childs face when they come off the floor proud of what they achieved is priceless and the buzz of meeting new physie friends, wearing a sparkly leotard and performing for Mum, Dad and family is something that becomes addictive for girls of all ages.

Team competitions are a fantastic introduction to physie for girls and women of all ages. Teams consist of 8 girls or 6 ladies of the same age and are a lot of fun. We enter teams in the official APDA teams competitions every year. Teams is the one of the highlights of the year as we make it a very special event for all of the girls and ladies representing the club. 


Competitions are without a doubt a highlight of the physie year and we encourage every member to give it a go. We don't have an end of year concert with costumes etc, we have a presentation event where the girls and ladies perform their syllabus to the audience and learn an extra dance or two to perform in a big group. Our perpetual trophies are awarded at this event and each girl receives her club recognition trophy for completing the year.

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